Restaurants have always used menus to promote their business and to attract customers, but paper and plastic menus are a thing of the past.QR codes are the latest and greatest trend in technology, so it’s not surprising that restaurants are using them to create their menus. The main benefit of the QR code in restaurant menus is that they are easy to use; all the customer has to do is scan a QR code and he or she can pull up the restaurant’s menu without having to fumble with paper and plastic.

The problem with paper and plastic menus is that they are expensive to produce, they are environmentally unfriendly, and they can be unsanitary if customers use them to handle food. But QR codes are a cheap, safe, and environmentally friendly alternative to paper and plastic menus. The companies that create QR code menus have also found a way to make money by charging restaurants to create their menus.

The idea of QR codes being used in restaurant menus is a great idea because it’s a cheap and easy way to make the menu more accessible to customers.